RwingNUTS the REAL GIRLYmen?

I never hear the Pedros, Nytrons, Zeekmans CRYING 4 the RwingNUTS to be BANNED or other complaints…instead they just post their SOURCES of FACTS to be discussed.

people that cannot tolerate exposure to DIVERSE perspective on an Internet DISCUSSION Forum are incapable of intellectual discussion and give validity to the “UNeducated Whites” stygma



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Shut up faggot


Worst schtick on teh OG

Yo @theraskal ! So happy you made it to the new forum man! I missed you. Everything ok in your luxury town home? Been doing any disco dancing?!


Been doing any disco dancing?!-----

I’m Shakin’ that Lemur Booty EVERY MORNING to start the day! It’s probably equal to yoga.

Good to see you Jr. Give Sr. my regards and tell him GREAT new forum!

what a faggy thing to even think about… this is how you spend your evenings? fuck right off mate.

Well that was rude and a real low brow thing to say. You’re lucky Raskal is such a nice fellow or he might rub your nose in dog shit. Punk.

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Wow, and you managed to one up him.

when RwingNUTS see a Thread/POST which does not give EchoChamber Confirmation Bias:

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does it physically hurt you to be without us? You dont seem to have any other reasonable activities to fill your day. you should get a dog or pick up whittling or maybe the yoyo.


# The Great Hypocrisy of Right-Wingers Claiming ‘Cancel Culture’-----

# Nobody loves ‘cancel culture’ more than Republicans do-----

# Cancel culture and conservative glass houses-----

# How White Religious Conservatives Invented Cancel Culture-----

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Oh GiGa you silly ULTRA PrIME faggot.