Ryan Bader is an unfavorable fight for Jacob Ortiz

It's been a nice UFC career Jacob "Tito" Ortiz.

A legend and still longest reigning title defenses at Light Heavyweight.

Biggest notable wins:

1. Wanderlei Silva
2. Forrest Griffin
3. Vitor Belfort
4. Rashad Evans
5. Ken Shamrock 3X

I would add Evan Tanner to that list since Jacob didn't beat Rashad, he had a draw with him. Phone Post

Still don't understand the Bader infatuation.

He has HUGE power in his right hand.
He has a great blast double.
His timing is decent.

BUT he gasses after the 1st round in EVERY SINGLE FIGHT. This is a 28 year old stud we're talking about!

I think IF (big IF) Ortiz survives the 1st round he may surprise.

Either way Tito has had a great career. Some good victories against tough competition.