Ryan Bennett Memorial Fund

I was just wondering if they have even scratched the surface with what they need for medical bills and what have you?

Its a great charity and I think it's awesome what people have done for these guys. Keep your bids up and RIP.

Rest In Peace Ryan

I heARd they have raised about 1/3.

That's kickboxing star Ray Sefo on the right, he did the commentary with Ryan for the K-1 show out here in Hawaii.

I was one of the first people to purchase one of the shirts for Ryan benefit.

He will ALWAYS be remembered!

The MAN who started MMA Media.


the guy could have been a huge sports broadcaster but dedicated his life
to MMA, and this was before the sport truly took off.

Can you imagine Ryan's reactions to UFC buying Pride??? Or even Cro Cop
in the UFC, or Couture defeating Sylvia?!

For a man who gave so much to the sport we all so enjoy.

RIP to a great broadcaster, fan, and person.