Ryan Bevins Article about Kumite..

The following is a portion of an article written by Ryan Bevins that was posted on JiuJitsuNow.com

"...I ended up making it to the finals in a very stacked Men's Welterweight Advanced division against the Kumite Classic's defending champion, a very game competitor Brad Hoyle, who I got to see tear through his division, in person last summer, at BadBreed.TV's tournament at the West Virginia State Championships in Charleston, WV, with a display of flying arm-bars and leg-locks that impressed everyone. By this point I was fighting on pure adrenaline and barely had enough energy to make it out to the mats. However, we wasted no time and quickly hit the floor and flew around the mats exchanging top and bottom positions almost non-stop. As I opened his guard, I quickly fell back into a straight achilles-lock, which ended up turning our fight into a leg-lock war (since all leg-locks were legal). By this point we were both spent and it was a matter of who wanted it more. I was able to wiggle out of his heel-hook and triangle my legs to tighten the foot-lock. My corner (D.C.) then instructed me to roll over, belly-down on it, and as I did, I completely extended my hips and arched my back to the sound of his ankle popping. I have no idea what kept him from tapping, but he hung on and gritted it out until time expired. He ended up raising my hand after he was announced the winner and told me he's gonna be limping for a few weeks..."

I know its been a few months since the Kumite event but there are some flaws in this article that I have to make right...Brad is my boy, and I can't let this kind of thing slide by. Its one thing to have this on the internet board, which is subjective, but when I seen the same article in a magazine it kind of pissed me off.

First off, the division had only 5 people in it...thats far from stacked. Stacked divisions are like 20+ guys. Next, there was no exchanging of top and bottom positions almost non stop...Brad mounted and Ryan reversed once...
Also, Brad wasn't even close to being tired, he fought one match before that...and I know when he gets tired since we've trained together for years...the guys a machine.
And last but certainly not least is Ryan tapped out to a side choke about 3 minutes into a 7 minute match. The time did not expire to a decision.
Look, its cool that you complimented Brad and all, but it was only done to make you seem better. After reading the article it seems that you actually got the better of Brad and it just went his way on a decision...no way, not even close. Any disputing of this and I'll send a copy of the tape.

...got to look out for my team mate on this one.


I don't like to punk people out like this but come on you have to maintain some level of integrity when you post this sort of thing.

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