Ryan Bow information

curious about what Ryan Bow is up to in his fight/shooto career. I seen him fight on video once and read a couple of interviews when he went to Purebred but havn't heard much lately. Any news?

Yeah, João Roque and Vitor Ribeiro are VERY TOUGH. :-)

Yeah, you got to repect that!
Any idea of his next opponant? he only fights inshooto ay?
cheers for the info

What is Ryan Bow's email address?

I would like to contact Ryan Bow, the reason is that Ron Mann will be in Hong Kong (not too far from Japan) in early August and he is looking for a fight while he is over there, I figur that Ryan Bow may be able to help him get a match since he will be in that neck of the woods.

A while ago I came across website about/run by Ryan, can't seem to find it now, but it mkight still be around. It had a contact email. Or try Enson Inoue forum in the expert forum.

If you wanna get hold of Ryan then just do an AT:Ryan Bow thread on the UG. He checks it regularly.

He has been busy this year. Last month he fought again in Shooto, beating Takumi as part of the Pacific Rim Tournament Semi Finals.

I_Can't_Fight is correct.

Uno was actually supposed to be fighting in KOTC (after he left Shooto) but when Bow failed his MRI for his fight with Pulver, the guys at Zuffa asked Uno to fight for them instead of KOTC (and Im sure payed him way more than KOTC was going to)

"but when Bow failed his MRI for his fight with Pulver"

what is the outcome of this, does it just mean a stand down or more serious?

Tball - not serious enough for him to stop fighting. However, they won't allow him to fight in the USA at all, apart from Hawaii which I think doesnt fall under Nevada's State Commiccion influence. Really sux cause he is a good fighter and a great all round guy.

Didn't Ryan say that it was a child hood condition that corrected itself... and is no detriment at all???

His MRI just looks abnormal, but he is fully healthy from what I understand... Couldn't a neuro-surgeon make a memo to attest to his health or something???