Ryan Bow parts ways with Purebred

" I've reached a point in my career where a change in my training/management situation will assist me in taking my professional career to the next level.

During the time I have been with Enson Inoue/Purebred, I have made tremendous strides as a fighter. Enson has treated me like family and has been there though thick and thin. I am grateful for the experience.

That being said, I have been presented with some new, exciting opportunities that I feel should not be passed up. I have decided to pursue those opportunities 100% in order to further my professional career.

Therefore, I have officially left Purebred. For the time being, I will be fighting freelance, under my own gym, 'Kaminari Dojo.'

I can be contacted personally at info@kaminaridojo.com regarding fight offers, etc."

Ryan Bow

Best of luck, Ryan.




Good luck in all future endeavours Ryan.


Best of luck to you my man!! I'll be keeping an eye out for you!!!



Good luck Ryan! Is it the "thunder" dojo?

Good luck Ryan!

What opportunities did you come across? Any more info?

I don't understand the quotation marks.

Ryan best of luck with your career.

Bobby how are you? Havent seen you since X1 Japan and I wanted to wish you all the best to.


Ps: Remember that chick who left the bathroom door open! :( lol

Best of Luck. Keep up the 3rd person refs.

kimbo likes pure bread

On to bigger and better things Bro.

Bruce ~

Good luck

Good luck with whatever direction you take Ryan. Frank and the rest of us guys are always rooting for ya.

Best wishes and hope to see you next time I'mon vacation in Japan

yo ryan, good luck with your gym paitna, havent seen u on here in a while, wuts going on in the land of the rising sun? hey does that dude kawakatsu i fought still train at purebread? just wondering...

Good luck! Whats up with Machine May? Say hello for me..

ttt for Ryan