Ryan "The Lion" Diaz was on vacation and
training in Thailand and was caught in the
middle of the Tsunami. Lance and Ryan had
been planning this trip for years but due
to business commitments, Lance could not
make it, so Ryan went on his own. He was
vacationing and training in Phuket since
Dec. 6th and decided to take a boat ride on
Boxing Day. During this boat trip, Ryan
was caught in the middle of the Tsunami.
They all thought they were going to die.
At first the captain tried to outrun the
wave and then decided to hit it head-on.
That's what saved their lives. The other
boat behind them sank and everyone died.
Ryan's boat was able to hide behind a large
rock for six hours and once they reached
a town called Krabi, there were dead bodies
laying all around. Ryan said the storm was
like the movie "The Perfect Storm". He is
now back in Phuket which was demolished and
again, saw many more dead bodies. There
were many aftershocks and each time, they
had to run up the mountain. Ryan, feels
so lucky to be alive.

Wow. I would have given that Captain the biggest kiss he ever had.


scary stuff, at least he is okay

damn. good to hear a survival story. glad he is okay.

Great to hear he is fine. Thank you for the post.

He has an angel in his corner


Just reading that put a chill down my body, especially since on that boat you are helpless, its all on the captain. That type of stuff makes you appreciate being alive to a whole new level. Glad to hear he is alright.

It is nasty over there, we have people in Sri Lanka right now handing
out food and clothing. If you guys want to do anything to help you can
donate via www.onesrilanka.org

is that town name pronounced "Fuck it"

Crazy story!

Its pronounced Poo..Kay or is it Poo..Ket?

man that is a great snap descion on the captain, glad everything is ok.

I am happy to hear Ryan is fine, he is a great fighter and more importantly a great person

Pronoucned "Pu-ket"

Good luck to Ryan getting back home, too, i bet thats gonna be a mess, will he be stuck there long?

And i gotta get a rematch one of these days : ) and Lord of the Cage when Ryan gets back (im assuming you guys are buddies) please ask him if he has a tape of our fight, the one i have is ok, just some bad angles from time to time and it was a pretty entertaining fight.........also give him my best

ttt for Ryan

You're gonna be one hard assed motherfucker after going through something like that.

(Note to self: don't fight Ryan Diaz...)

holy shit that's freaking insane

Thats crazy. I can't even imagine going through something like that.

does anyone know how big the waves were or if there are pictures?

He could have easily got on to the second boat instead. I read the "Province" newspaper about his brush with the tsunami.