Ryan Diaz wins World Title......

Ryan is the new 135 lb. World Champ.

I just got off the phone with Lance and Ryan won in just over a min. with the triangle choke. He dominated on the feet quickly landing some good knees his opponent went for a single leg and Ryan sinched a flying triangle to win in just over 1 min.

Congratulations Ryan on a huge win

Jason Darrah


Congrats Ryan :)



Right on, Congrats Ryan!!!

RIGHT ON! Another 1 minute flying triangle victory by the Lion. Congrats bro!!

congrats ryan. it seems when he fights at his natural weight he does very well.

Right on!

Hey Ryan, you da man. You are the new
AFC World Champion at 135 lbs. Fantastic
win in round one by triangle choke. Much
props to you and trainer Lance Gibson. Your
win amazingly followed another super win
by Todd Gouwenberg another Team Gibson
member at TKO, also in round one. You
definitely are Ryan "The Lion". Phenomenal.
Real Warriors.

That is something else. Congratulations. I know something of Ackerman's skill. This is a very important win!!!

congrats Ryan,your proving yourself very well.i look forward to you fighting in Montreal,possibly fight Nancoo,or Homminick.this would be slick.again great win

cheers,Mister Ed

Congrats Ryan!!!!


Congrats Ryan!!

ttt for the boys from Gibsons, probably the deepest team in Canadian MMA (Cam, Ryan, Todd, Blake, Kultar) a top fighter in every weight class!!

Ryan is a MONSTER. Congrats on a slick win.
Bill Mahood

Huge Congrats to Ryan from Team Tompkins.


Congrats Ryan.

Congrats Ryan.

Congrats Ryan, you certainly train hard enough. You had it coming to you.