Ryan G. vs Wallid?

Why has Pride never put this one together? These two have bad blood from way back. Can you imagine the stare down from thoses two? Now that would be some crazy looks!

so it is Ryan that wont sign on to this? Very interesting.

Does Wallid even fight anymore? I can not even remember the last Pride he was in.

Ryan would kill Walid in MMA

Ryan would get DQ'ed.

the commentary from wallid alone would make this a great fight!

ismael has lost alot too.... but i m suprised we havent seen this fight yet. imo ryAN has fought better guys

Ryan would get mauled and killed by Wallid. I cant believe how much of a difficult time he had with ANJOH.

this isnt Jujitsu its MMA and Ryans much better at MMA

Ryan's MMA game has never impressed me anymore than Wallid's. Both are pretty mediocre at MMA. But Wallid completely owns Ryan in the trash talk department.

Wallid by stabbing.