Ryan Gracie, again?

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Behind the Scenes of PRIDE New Year's
Submitted by: Marcello Tetel
Posted On 01/10/2004

Imagine that you are in Japan, and you are having your breakfast on the morning of December 31st. A known fighter from a respected team arrives in the resraurant of Keio Plaza Hotel and enters the dining area. Other participants from PRIDE's New Year's eve events are already eating. Without any aparent reason or any exchange of words, one of the fighters who is well known approaches another famous fighter and punches him in the face.

This happened in between fighters from Brazilian Top Team and Gracie Team. Although names can't be released due to legal problems in Japan, a rivalry was just created and we might see them sorting their problems out in the Pride ring. This would be the first time Brazilian Top Team and Gracie Team would face each other.

Developments on this subject will be released as they come in.

Ryan Gracie is one wild and crazy dude

how many of these threads are we going to have?

Why wouldn't the guy punched in the face fight back? Why
wasn't there an MMA fight in the dining area?