Ryan Gracie out of Pride

According the Boutreview website, Rayn Gracie injuried his shoudler during his tranings sessions for the Pride New Eve's show and won't be facing Wataru Sakata aymore.

Daniel Simões will replace Ryan for this fight.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

Good News ! I don't care for Ryan. Daniel Gracie is a big guy. He should win, but I don't think that this fight will be a barn burner.

That sucks :(

I always enjoy watching Ryan fight

I would rathre to see Ryan in action than Daniel.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

get the man some blue tape

better he backs out now, then fights and loses and blames on a shoulder injury.


get the man some blue titty tape

Like him or not, Ryan is WAY more exciting than Daniel.

ryan gracie is kotc material,not pride.

Is Daniel the same guy who just fought in the Pride Bushido tournament? If so, come on.


Yes, that's Daniel Gracie Simoes.

Evangelista "Cyborg" just lost to Claudio Godoi (an average fighter, at best) in Brazil. His punches are incredibly strong, but he has to train a lot on the ground if he intends to step in Pride's ring.

Ryan is exciting, and goes for it.
Pride still should have him fight Wallid

As for Daniel, he was a great Jiu Jitsu player, but has thus far been unimpressive in MMA IMO.

I don't understand Pride and their selection of fighters. No way that Daniel should be fighting in Pride.


The only fight I'd pay to see Ryan Gracie in is against Wallid Ismael, and only because it would be exciting due to the grudge.

When Ryan gracie gets healed they should feed him to Dan Henderson or Shogun to see how good he is.

Obviously if you're last name is Gracie you can not only get in Pride but they'll set you up with a Japanese tomato can. Ryan, now Daniel's opponent, is the very formidable Waturo Sakata who's 6-7 and has already taken beatings from Renzo Gracie and Mario Sperry.

Let's see would I rather fight Kevin Randleman or Mr. Sakata who no doubt is connected with Japan's large pro-wrestling community.

Trackman 2 is correct. I want to see Ryan fight some real competition.

You Gracie Haters suck tranvestite dick. Ryan schooled Hamanaka, the hope of Takada Dojo, don't even pretemd the leg injury changed the outcome.

I am a judoka.

Ryan aint even in the same league as Henderson...c`mon. He just knocked Renzo out like a light withing two minutes..Think what he`d do to Ryan.