Ryan Gracie??

Did anyone see this bit about Ryan Gracie?
PRIDE veteran Ryan Gracie suffered an accident on Sunday, October 23rd, while at his sister's house in Rio de Janeiro. According to his sister Flavia, who's married to a police officer, Ryan was searching for a towel in a closet, and ended up shooting his leg by accident, as his sister's husband had a gun hidden there. Gracie lost a lot of blood and was rushed to the hospital. Although he is still in intensive care, his condition is stable and he is recovering well thanks to countless blood donations by friends. There's no date for Ryan to leave the hospital yet and FCF wishes a speedy recovery for the fighter.

no dump here. hope he comes out ok. Damn, that was a freak accident

didn't he shoot himself in the testicles

via the testicles i imagine

The cop brother in law doesn't sound too bright.

Well I can only speak for myself when I say I didn't mean anything negative when I said "I hope he gets well so we can laugh about it without feeling guilty!". I have a buddy who lost a nut to cancer, and it was the same thing. He got better now he gets abused about it constantly, but in good fun.

This is like one of those anti-pot smoking commercials where the kid says, "Where does your dad keep his gun?"