Ryan Hall's triangle

I don't need to introduce Ryan Hall or his triangle. Lloyd made sure of that. But Trog and I did pick apart how he does it:

» Ryan Hall's Inverted Guard to Triangle

I may not be very original but at least I'm informative.

you rock sir.


Very interesting/insightful analysis.

You should post this over on JJGear. Ryan posts there a lot.

I have trained with Ryan, he has always been one slick MF from the guard position with the triangle. He has that gangly body that works great for his game. You hit that nice in your breaking how he sets it up.

Nice! This is one of the sickest setups ever. You can see him at every tournament catching someone with it.

Thanks for the info! This will keep me busy until Saulo 3 gets here..

Dude, you totally stole this from Ryan Hall. ;)

I heard Ryan learned a hip throw and turned it into a triangle. Then I heard he learned the scissor sweep and turned it into a triangle. Then I heard he learned a heel hook and turned it into a triangle. Then I heard he learned a jab, cross, hook combination and turned it into a traiangle.

back in the day, ryan and i would get triangled repeatedly by a certain
someone, all day, everyday... now i still have nightmares about it, and he's
gone on to perfect it. the bastid. i want a do-over.

That set up is in the Machado Tringle book as well.

You are awesome sir. Keep up the good work!

Uh...I don't want to be downer but I learned that one from Miyamoto
Musashi in the seventeeth century, bro

did he not try to employ this triangle setup in MMA as well? I'd like to know what gameplan logic was behind that.

I saw Nick Diaz do this one in bjj competition few years ago. Couldn't figure out how he did it back then.

Back in the day, back at Ronin,I was a victim of many Ryan Hall triangles. I feel proud that all that time he spent choking the crap out of me has helped hm become the competitor he is today.

That is why we started calling him "Bermuda". There's no escaping the Triangle.

not sure if any GQ videos have Hall doing this, but i think Moriarity nails it on 101 subs part 2 (or maybe Diaz was the one doing it... i forget, but GREAT none the less)



I've ref'd many of his matches. Its a fkn joy. He's amazing and even a better person.