Ryan is a jerk

I'm sure a lot of people will be pissed of at this, but Ryan Gracie is a dick.

He took a serious swing at the ref, twice tried to fall into a Kimura after resets and was, as usual, just a huge jerk.

When are Gracies just going to admitt that most of the guys they fight are way worse then them and just go after them instead of fighting impossably over-cautiously and trying to "stretch" the rules (which is really overly-diplomatic on my part).

Ryan does something like this in every fight. He's the Gilbert Yvel of the Gracie family.

that swing he took at the ref and the jawing he kept up thereafter was just ridiculous...

I was pretty much disgusted by that childish display.

Why does he need to do shit like that? He could have just KO'd or subed Yoji right off the bat.

Instead he works positions as if he's in danger and tries to flat-out cheat!

Watch the fight again. Everytime they're reset in the middle with Ryan in side controll, he tries to lock in a Kimura as a starting position!

Ryan is a jerk, but he gets me interested in seeing him fight.

He makes a great villain. The guy you really wanna see get his ass handed to him in brutal, no dispute, KO fashion.

He's a punk and a coward.

He should be careful, he gets any fatter and he will have to fight at HW.

Wow. I expected to get flamed. I'm really happy that other people agree and that the time when the slightest criticism of a Gracie was considered treason!

i wish that they would have disqulified him for that shit.  we want this to be a sport that is respected, and his actions only act as a detrimant.

also, after the fight, he was still eyeing the ref.

i wish wallid was there to put his punk ass in check.


He is the Baroni of Pride....

get over it.. he's a very emotional fighter, and a bit out there..

i have met him a few times, and he is the nicest guy

Ryan needs to retard his anger.

Not to defend the guy or anything, but did he really swing at the referee? From what I saw, looked like he just slapped the referees hands away, when he apparently thought he was getting mistreated with the position...

Still, it's hard to understand why he would care that much where exactly his hands were. Seems like 99 times out 100 when they re-start the action in the middle of the ring, it takes 1/10th of a second after the "Go" signal for the guy on the bottom to change his position.

Ryan and Renzo are like night and day...

i think renzo does fight anyone they put in front of him and seeks the good fight(s)... and he is a super nice guy.... ryan is just mental...

I totally agree with you Glen....he and Ralph are just the big Gracie babies!....Always crying about something!

I've always thought Ryan had a lot of potential but I can't believe he can't control himself in the ring. If he could focus and keep his emotions under control he might actually earn some respect and get more fights. Or... is it his bad boy image (and the last name) that gets him into Pride in the first place.
I thought he looked pretty good sparring against Renzo in that short film on Renzo. But unlike Ryan, Renzo always seemed to be pure class.

ryan is not a nice guy, he is an ass

Total Jerk Face.

I respect his skills, but he did act like a punk and a tool last night.

Glen the only thing that pisses off aboutyou making this thread is that.You made this thread first.

Ryan is a jerk and I'd like to see him lose weight and fight Gomi so Gomi can knock his ass out just like he knocked Ralph out.

Just saw the replay. The ref was pulling up on his head to try to get him to reset to a diff position. While he was wrong, that could piss a lot of people off. Originally, I thought he swung at the ref cause he just disagreed with him. But the ref was trying to pull him off the other guy by pulling on his head.