Ryback is ALL ELITE

Ryback teases meeting with Miro, returning to the ring, and meeting Miro “later on”

Don’t do it Tony.
We don’t want it.


LOL one of the last things they are going to do after hiring Punk is bring on Ryback

Doubt they’d want him under any circumstances or else he would’ve been there by now

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hes good for Impact IMO


I said from tbe get go he should have been given a contract for or 2 appearances and be squashed

We already have Cage. Huge upgrade over rybackne

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Cage might be on his way out

They havent done much with him. I can see that, but Ryback is a huge downgrade.

I don’t mind him getting a deal but it should be made perfectly clear putting guys over is a big part of it.

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Thread title needs a question mark

He’s good for working an indy show in a high school gym where guys are paid in pizza slices.

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Cage is under utilized. His match with Moxley showed what he is capable of.


Didnt see the mox match. I really want to like cage but he wrestles like everyone else doing flippy shit and going 50 50 with everyone. Despite being the incredible hulk. He makes himself insignifcant in the ring.

Cage moves well for his size but he looks silly and can’t promo. I don’t think he’s going to get a much better spot in AEW so maybe he and his wife can talk him out of there and into WWE

Huge mistake if true. Ryback is just a bad fit for AEW.


Cage is one of the only guys who doesnt seem happy at AEW I wouldnt be surprised if he left but I couldnt see him doing much better elsewhere hes Mike Awesome level all round which is great but he acts like he should be HHH.

Ryback can stay retired hes the male Nia Jax

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How is cage in impact? The fact he hasnt done more makes me wonder if there are some red flags considering how he looks