Rybacks singlet?

Anyone notice at Extreme Rules the "SC" on the back of Ryback's singlet? Anyone know what that stands for, and whos face was airbrushed on the back of the singlet?

Steve Carrell Phone Post

Stupid Carnivore?



Super Cena? Maybe similar to how he had all the shield guys on his tlc singlet. Phone Post 3.0

At least his singlet fits unlike Big E Langstons.


Stone cold Phone Post 3.0

Sin cara Phone Post

Duh...Steve Carlton! Go Phils! Phone Post

Steve corino. King of oldschool will return soon. Phone Post

Super Crazy. Phone Post 3.0


Ryback Rules?

Sugar Coated.

Barak Lesnar -

Ryback Rules?

This is the correct answer Phone Post

Sexual chocolate Phone Post 3.0

Sour Cream.

Shitty character Phone Post

Sweaty Cleavage Phone Post

Sickle Cell

Stupid CMPunk Phone Post 3.0