Ryobi Devour

Anybody tried this thing? Thoughts?


It's a battery powered, mini street sweeper. I work construction, mainly flooring, so it seems ideal for me. But, it also seems great for cleaning the garage, shop, driveway, etc.


So, is it a huge upgrade to shop vacs or a $140 broom?

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The idea is good but it’s a ryobi so it’s obviously crap. 

I love the Ryobi 18-volt tools. I have most of them. They work great for non-professional home use. This floor thing, I don't think so. Seems a little crazy.

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Thanks for the help

I was going to buy one today, but they aren't in stores in MA. I'll probably order one tomorrow and update when I get it. C U Next Tuesday.

I watched some vids and it looks like it's great except for fine dust. Looks like you have to make multiple passes for that and it doesn't do anything if you are pulling it in reverse. But, at least it doesn't kick up dust clouds.

Looks badass!