Ryron and Rener Face the Music

...and are still talking bollocks (~18 minutes in).


"People gave Brendan jiu jitsu credit because he's a UFC fighter...
It's almost like giving someone ping-pong credit because they're a tennis player."

BJJ is to MMA as...ping-pong is to tennis.
That's the first analogy I thought of, too: it's so obvious.

'Schaub didn't belong there, and I agree - but the fans are ign'ant to complain.'

'People think UFC fighters are all great grapplers (?).'

'The people were robbed.'

'It was Brendan's choice to run away.'

'What would you have done...?'

'Schaub made a lot of sacrifices to make this appearance: he did Ralek a favour.'

"Schaub is not a no-gi world champion grappling match."

I bet people mistake him for a match all the time, and he's used to the confusion.

"People wanted Schaub for entertainment."

- Who?!

"His bread-and-butter move was getting shut down like it's nothing."

Shaking my damn head...

Please tell me it ain't so...


Sigh, guess I'll have to listen myself. :( Phone Post

People wanted Schaub?? Everyone who looked at that card before the event was wondering wtf he was doing on it. I don't know anyone interested in Metamoris events who was looking forward to that match.

And he didn't do anyone any "favours". I'd imagine he was handsomely paid for that display. I'd be pretty chuffed too if I was Schaub. I bet he was by far the highest paid guy on that card.

I thought Rener was relatively reasonable. I don't think they wanted it to play out like it did.