Sunday October 17
Two - 3 hour Sessions
8:30 to 11:30 am
1:30 to 4:30 pm


Contact: Rick Torres
860-666-4613 today (Oct 10) & tomorow(Oct 11)
from 11am to 11pm or Mon-Fri 860-953-8668


Where will it be at?

South End Hartford/Wethersfield area

how much are the seminars?

$80.00 for one session or $150.00 for both sessions

Ryron is awesome. I travel to the Gracie Academy as much as I can to train with him and Rener.

If your gonna be near the East Coast come join us.
If not, maybe I'll bump into you at Torrance sometime. Please give my regards and congratulations to Pat Hardy on his Black Belt. I went to a few G.R.A.P.L.E. recert classes with him years ago. He is an incredible martial artist!

TTT for "Hawk" & Silsbee TX

what/where is your school??? is it a gracie school? whats the deal?

We are the IGJJF Connecticut affiliate. For more info go to www.IGJJF.com, or give me a call. Phone numbers are right in the first post.

Ryron is amazing to train with... Rick I am in... if you still have spots for the morning class. I train with Jim in West Hartford. I will give you a call today for more specifics and some directions to your place... Thanks-Brad

ttt for Rick

Nice talking to you bro please give my best regards to Jim Hughes. See you on sunday.

What up! Is MSD gonna be in the house?

The demand for privates has been BIG. So we added a few extra half hour slots between 7-9pm.

They are running out QUICK!!


Hey Rick- Nice talking to you as well. I will pass on the kind words for Jim when I see him tonight. See you SUnday for some good training. Take care-B

Hey Rick,

I won't make it, but I let all the guys know it's on.

I'm supposed to teach an "Introduction to Grappling and Groundfighting" for the Kenpo Black Belts at the school. Henry and I were joking that I should tell them it's at your address, and to bring a gi ;-)


LOL!!! at Henry's idea.

I can picture it now Kenpo guys walk into room.

Ryron seated center mat in a lotus position, hand outstretched (palm up)saying:

"Snatch the pebble from my hand grasshoppers"

Rick - I can't make this seminar, but please put me on your mailing list for when you have Ryron or Rener in the future. I would surely make the trip from Albany, NY to train with either of them. ggovel@aol.com. Thanks.

ttt for Rick

I just saw Nate tonight--that boy is gettin' good!

can I go?,can I go?,can I go?,can I go?,can I go?,can I go?,can I go?,can I go?,can I go?, PLEASEEEEE???

Rick, I'll pass that along to Hawk. Thanks.


Of course you can ! In fact you better show up bro!
wont be the same without ya.

I plan on having Gracie Academy instructors in CT every fall around this time.Mark the calendar.

Nate is getting DAMN GOOD, and is of course starting to develop that infamous "Henry Strom Side Mount"

Thanx to all for your support!!