Ryron on the radio

This saturday on www.kmaxam.com we will have Rener and Ryron Gracie on our show. We will talk about Ryrons upcoming fight with Marc Laimon as well as what Rener is up to and all the happenings with the Gracie family. So please join us this saturday at 2pm pst at www.kmaxam.com The show is called the school of advanced wrestling and we look forward to having these guys on.......

Ask them about those footlocks him and his brother keep hitting on everyone! Also, I don't think he earned his black belt too fast. He's been training all his life. Anyways, he's put it down and tapped some good black belts in competition already.



LOL at "their unusually quick progression as black belts"

Maybe all teh BBs that thay beat were really just Purple belts in disguise?

I hope that was a joke

"or about their unusually quick progression as black belts."

Yea, 18 or so years is a long time.... These guys were born with fucking gi's on man. Theyve been training for a long time. Theyve proven in competition that they are true blackbelts.

Ryron is like 24 too, was 23 when he got his blackbelt - he started when he was 2 - thats 21 years of training

When is he fighting Marc

guys, i think what steamfitter was referring to was their progression in rank once already blackbelts. if you look at their belts now, they are each wearing three stripes. this is not possible as it takes a minimum of three years for each degree until 4th, which it then takes 5 years per degree. these guys have only been blackbelts for one year.

Spoke to Rener today and he has confirmed for tomorrow. I will print this out and try to get to all of these questions. We only have an hour so I will try to get to as many as I can, Most of my calls have been about Ryron and marc laimon so this will be a chance to ask him in person. Dont forget this saturday at 2 pm pst on www.kmaxam.com..............thanks


In the words of Gokor when we had him on, as coming to your question you must listen at 2pm. but if you miss it just e mail me at elmaestro897@yahoo.com or my radio partner at favichulo@aol.com and we willsend you a copy. We also have avalible Gokor, Frank Trigg (who will be coming on again real soon to talk about Charuto)and Eddie Bravo.........

TTT for my former professors!

Ryron and Rener are a rare combination of world class fighters AND instructors.


Those are the federations standards. Not Helio Gracie's standards, Rickson has been a 7th degree for about 20 years.

Ask them how their years in high school wrestling has helped their jiujitsu game.

Also ask them if their school's celebrity students had a competition, who would win? Tommy Lee, Rakaa & Evidence (Dilated), Michael Clark Duncan (my pick), Al Bundy, guy from Linkin Park, guy from Ozomatli, Defari, Johnny Morton (NFL WR), or Nicholas Cage?

RYRON RENER RALEK = The Future of Jiu jitsu !!

RYRON RENER RALEK = The Future of Jiu jitsu !!


Is it on yet?