S&C Fatboy Challenge

It's starting here. I'll keep a log of my journey from 290lbs to 220lbs. Anyone who wants to join the challenge is welcome. I will be losing at least 70lbs along the way. Any tips or critiquing are encouraged. After work today, I am going to the local fitness center and laying down $80 for a 6-month membership.

I broke my ankle last summer, which turned an inconsistent workout regimen into almost a non-existant one for a few months. A change is in order.

I was planning on cardio (light jogging, elliptical) about 6 times a week, mixed with weight training 3 times a week. Yay or nay?

May 1, 2007. 26 years old, 6-2, 290lbs, 42-inch waist

Light cardio could even include incline treadmill walking.

I recommend Taku's intervals and FitDay diet tracker.

Honestly, diet control is 85% of it. Do Taku's 3-4 times a week and add an hour of slow cardio the other days. You will lose the weight.

I lost 40lbs in 15 weeks.

I'm keeping a log and will post it at once heh. Fitday has helped tremendously. Break into exercise, so you make it a habit. I also keep a card in my wallet that has my goals on it so I can look at them everytime I go to get my money to buy something, that way I have a little help when I want to buy junk food. Fitday really helps you see if you are sticking to your goals, it takes a few weeks to get used to but make yourself do it.

I'm in. I'm dowm to ~200 since the end of January from 220.