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'Hardcore muscle'?

Which is a bodybuilding magazine?

How long before I can ask what is the optimum angle to do my 20 sets of inverted concentration spider bench bicep curls?

Yeah, thats a little off. Does anyone thats affiliated with the magazine post here? Don't they know we hate bodybuilders? ;-)

*runs off to do bicep curls in the squat rack*

*flexes pecs one by one in the mirror*

*curls 10 lb chrome dumbbell 50 times*

oh yeah, I'm on my way to the TOP! Ronnie, you better watch out.

*trys to think of something witty to say while searching for a color-coordinated training outfit*

LMFAO@this thread


There is no optimum angle for curls man, as long as you get the proper back swing and grunt regardless of how light the weight is.

*Puts on Big Red Bandana and Wife beater*

Should I wear a denim vest to the gym or stick with sunglasses and a backwards cap with headphones over it?

wweeeell apparently they're keeping us in business, so everyone do an extra set of concentration curls with the heel board this week :)