S.C. submission grappling results

This is grass-roots submission grappling. Rent out the local YMCA, get as many guys to show up as possible, and give them as many matches as you can for a reasonably low price ($40 for pre-registration, $50 at the door).
The Tap Factor 5 had the lion's share of participants from Psych Ward, a Lloyd Irvin affiliate run by Muhsin Corbbrey, who was on hand to coach his team.
McCullough Submission Fighting, who helped coach the tournament, also had a strong showing, headed by coach Abe Stem.
I came down from Richmond, VA to act as head referree and to compete if I could.

I also did a pretty lengthy write-up on BJJNews.com.

Got to fight some big guys in the absolute division, tapping some, and getting tapped by one (Anthony Huss, the guy who ran the tourney).


Anybody else attend this?