S-I-C-K Video


Little project me and my pal did for our friend's second ammy bout.

Full disclosure: we are both TV professionals, so this is the real deal. Hope you all enjoy.

tt4 mmaguy30 who makes multiple appearances in the video.

Some might say "wow, "clubbed to death" in an mma video has been used a million times, I will resist."

You are the brave maverick that thought: "No, I shall use it, and what's more I will use a lame dubstep remix!" Bravo

Thanks for the feedback. It's actually only a very short portion of a dubstep, then we layed down the original and another regular remix into it as well, and used them at different portions of the video.

The camera kept going out of focus. It was blurry as much as it was clear. I don't want to watch your TV show.

but it was nice of you to make a video for your friend.

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Bailey Jay

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haha. Yeah we were happy with it....I'll get right on that editing.

Black dude was 3-0, white guy was 1-0 going into the fight.


Thanks for posting.

I liked it, actually got chills when he sunk the choke in. The music is a tad cliche and its kind of jarring how it cuts off, switches to live audio for ten seconds, then just comes back on. Those points aside it looks very professional and well made, what we got to see of the fight was awesome as well. Phone Post

bad ass! passing a cross into the head/arm is one of my favs to see pulled off in a match. dude well done!

Yeah I wasnt sure about dropping the track out for the nat-sound part of his ring entrance, but decided to leave it in.

If you want frank opinion, you were playing too much with showing off depth of field. (Or suffering from it maybe if it was due to limitations of the camera). Might have done better going to MF, as it mostly looked like a lens that was having problem locking its focus. Was this shot on a m43 or other mirrorless camera that was using contrast rather than phase detection?

Either way, might have wanted to use a ND filter on the scenes in the cage. Lost a lot to overexposure and loss of detail.

Editing was nice.

 I thought the video was sweet.  I only wish MMAGUY would have looked a little more excited...

I cannot wait until he is elected again and several of you need to go into mental institutions.

Nice video, and great job weathering the storm by your fighter. Was that Cole Yarborough he fought? Phone Post

 Cole does have some heavy hands,  I worked two of his fights at Sam Kings promotion in Columbia.  He took out his most recent opponent there (who was VERY nervous in his first fight) in 10 seconds.  Do you have any fighters on Sams Card May 5th- Caged Chaos V?

Damn, both of those guys were badass for amateurs!

Partying with mmaguy30 makes you feel like you are in a movie...or a rap video.

Great looking vid. Very well done!