Saban to the Dolphins

i know this is a couple days old but how come there hasnt been any talk about it? as much as i hate the dolphins, this is a great hire and he will get the team back to where it ususally is. right now LSU is talking to louisville coach bobby petrino about the LSU job, that would be a great move for LSU petrino is an excellent coach.

How good was the last great college coach who took over as Head Coach & GM of an NFL franchise?

Here's a hint - He's now coaching at South Carolina.

"How good was the last great college coach who took over as Head Coach & GM of an NFL franchise?"

He won two Super bowls in 10 seasons, with only 2 losing seasons. And despite his awful successor, his personnel moves were so good they won another SB 2 years later..


You're incorrect. He was Head Coach only. He was NOT the G.M....

yea, visor boy wasnt the GM

Who was? Was Snyder the GM? I know "The Ole' Ball Coach" had a lot of say/input into players.

The Redskins have no G.M. They haven't had one since Schottenheimer was fired.

The OBC did have a lot of "say", but he was not the G.M. Personally, I don't get the impression that he put a great deal of input into the personel decisions either. He just kinda let the staff know what kind of players he was looking for, and then let them do their thing.

I'm not sure how accurate this is. This is just the impression that I have of what I've read of his time here.

Regardless, the list of coaches who went from college to the NFL and fell on their face is long and semi-distinguished. Same with the NBA.

Who is asdf talking about? I'm guessing Jimmy Johnson?

yea hes talking about jimmy johnson and his cocksucking faggot succesor barry switzer boy do i hate that douchebag

Didn't the Redskins end up with Shane Matthews & the other damn Florida QB that I can't think of right now when Spurrier took over? I'd say he had some say into who came there.