I couldn't find the details of this club in the web. Can somebody tell me where I can find them in Adelaide. Thanks!!!

I would suggest training with Wallace petrie of JKA karate. He runs the metro dojo and is a very experienced teacher with alot of ground knowledge...

Wallace Petrie is a traditional Karate instructor?

If the question is regarding BJJ. There is a proper BJJ academy at prospect. I train with some of the guys, but I do not know the offical contact details.

ABS Xtreme also runs BJJ some nights a week in the city at Waymouth St.

There are a few other quasi BJJ clubs that are affilates, I believe Anthony Hockley is a Machado affiliate out at Windsor Gardens and there is another Will affiliate in the city itself.

I coach MMA down south out of Willunga Kickboxing and Judo club and Morphet Vale wrestling academy.

is bastard son getting commission for every new member to a jka school that he recruits or recommends??

he seems to be pushing jka pretty hard.

anyway, the bjj in sa is growing i hear, and it wont be long til they have a black belt bjj instructor move there.

If you want to train with a BLACK belt then i suggest going to train with Sensei Petrie.

His teaching is second to none. He can teach you how to be a real fighter With other options than pulling guard. His submission training sessions are hardcore to..

"If your gonna train, Then you may as well train with the best"

Bastard Son

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I have been converted...
Im shrinking down to kid size so I can fit into
my gi ! Ill be at Sensei Petrie's Wed class for some

Thank you Bastard Son for giving me this copy of the watchtower.


your welcome Kym.

I am always happy to help out a fellow martial artist finding a QUALITY place to train and further develop there game.

Bastard Son,

Love your work. Nothing like a good troll to keep the action up.

bravo, bravo golf claps

I dont understand why all you guy's feel the need to pick on me every time i try to direct someone to a good club in their area?

Why does everybody keep refering to me as troll?

Is this what you call the new guy's?

isnt trolling a bannable offence??

anyway, good work with it.