Sabu released!

Well, you can bury ECW now. The homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, unemployable...

Wonder if Van Damme's pissed...

Wow! RVD is going soon, and Sandman's days are probably numbered.

here's the story according to the dirt sheets:

Sabu apparently arrived late for tonight's tapings without his ring gear and was sent home and told he was being released.

Not the first time Sabu has been unhappy and gotten himself fired.

I think he left TNA on bad terms too. Oh well, looks like the indy life for him!

I'm sure he'll be fine.

Do pro wrestlers qualify for unemployment benefits?

Aren't wrestlers considered independent contractors? I don't think they'd be considered for unemployment?

"I think he left TNA on bad terms too."

Nope, he worked a show injured just before signing for the WWE, he left TNA on bad terms the first time though (back in the weekly PPV days)

Let's face it, he sucked the last few years. Now you can blame whoever you want, but he still sucked! He looks like an old, weathered beaten down man now. Hell, Flair looks better at his age and what's he got, 10-15 years on Sabu?

He can go to Japan if he wants.

Aren't wrestlers considered independent contractors?

I think you're right, jackangle. I do remember reading how Mr. Perfect had to get his own health insurance policy. That, and there are certain travel expenses WWE can stick the workers with because they are contractors.

Go to japan then, considering that you dont have to work 5 times a week, the money there is pretty good actually. Hustle would be a good choice for him since Tiger Jeet Singh works there as well, plus meanwhile he can work for extra cash with Zero-one Max.