Sabu/RVD VS.Shinzaki/Hayabusa(vid)

Well,here it is.

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I watched this match live when it first aired on PPV.

This is my all time favorite tag team match!


love that match...god I miss Hayabusa

"I watched this match live when it first aired on PPV.

This is my all time favorite tag team match!"

lol,I remember back in highschool when me and my friend(biggest ECW fans in the city)ordered this.
Since ECW was back on PPV,this would make Heatwave98 our first ECW PPV,and being big fans of WCW/NWO World Tour as well,when we saw "Shaolin" and "Hannibal" taking on RVD and Sabu,we fuckin flipped.

Cant wait to watch this clip...I was at this PPV, coolest thing going on that weekend in Dayton Ohio!

I can't watch the clip at work but I remember RVD hitting a wicked twisting frogsplash from outta nowhere towards the end.....great frikkin match!

I would also like to know Hayabusa's condition. I miss him too.

Sorry, guys but I never thought this match was that great. While all the guys involved are hella talented, this match just wasn't smooth at all. No psychology involved at all, and it was poorly coordinated. Alot of times you'll see one of them standing around waiting for someone to realize he's wanting to do something.

While there were alot of impressive high spots, they just didn't look natural at all because of timing issues plus there were quite a few blown spots and Sabu just walked around looking lost for half of the match.

I'll probably get hated on for this, but this match to me was just 4 guys wandering around performing contrized looking high spots on each other.

I guess there was a language barrier and it was thier first meeting as tag teams and I'm sure if they'd have had a 4 or 5 match series together the last few matches would have been amazing. But this one wasn't. I enjoyed the athleticism, but not so much the match overall.