Sad Cringe

Instead of calling 911, you get on your phone and FB “Someone call…”

Nevermind. Im looking at the family. No hope

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Men are already Ice skating uphill, you don’t need to convince them to mountain climb in ice skates.

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Good friend of mine was completely in love with this girl in HS but she didn’t want anything to do with him.

He tried hard, bought her expensive gifts for her birthday and Christmas etc.

Senior year, her family and her were gonna move away as her dad had to transfer across the US for his job.

The night she left, my friend stood in the rain out in the woods by her house screaming “I LOVE YOU!!!” for about a half hour straight hoping she would hear him.

Fucking sad shit. Years removed I still give him shit about it. LOL.


Exactly as a good friend should.


damn right walter white GIF by Breaking Bad


Lloyd dobler?


Most likely where he got the idea.

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I have to ask. Did he ever settle down? Or is he still holding out hope, and cyber stalking her.

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