Sad day bros, my foreclosed house is listed.

Moved out 2 months ago, I could afford the payments but not the upkeep. Just listed, I owed 142 thousand on the mortgage. Listed for 55 today, wow.

Heard from a friend that they found the foundation was screwed, but I knew that.

Sad, I loved that house. Phone Post

Stay strong bro. We're gonna bounce back from this housing nightmare stronger than ever. Phone Post

Sucks man, where is it

My daughter only remembers living there, my son is older, but it was my oasis, a place to escape crazy girls. I'm stuck and defeated, the listing is my last nerve breaking. Current doesn't understand.

My 2 biggest failures in my life were my marriage and losing the house I loved. Phone Post

Sorry to hear man. Hope you're doing ok. Phone Post 3.0

I feel for you. My childhood home was short sold a few months ago. Randomly stopped by the open house last weekend. New owner ruined it, flipped it as cheaply as possible. Turned my Fathers masterpiece into shit. Gutted me. But anyways shit happens bro. Least your family is safe. Phone Post

Fuck man, keep your head up Phone Post

Initially, there is no good way to look at this, and I totally empathize with you. In the long run, life is full of challenges, and this is a huge opportunity for you to rebound, and kick life in the nuts on another go around. Best of luck figuring things out for yourself. A lot of good times and happiness awaits outside the front door of our homes.............enjoy as much of that as you can. We're still in a good part of the world!

Don't give up what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Keep your head up and look at it as I sign that there is a better place out there for you and your family. Phone Post 3.0

What city?

Mark Phone Post 3.0