Sad day for House Heads

Old school legend Frankie Knuckles has apparently passed. Phone Post 3.0

No one else remembers Frankie? Phone Post 3.0

RIP to a true legend Phone Post 3.0

Rip Phone Post 3.0

Fuck! RIP :(

Old School Legend.

Freakin' musical genius.

I've played tracks from every dude named in that article.

Jamie Principals "Rebels" was a huge hit as was "Baby Wants to Ride".

His remixes were amazing.  Alison Limericks "Where Love Lives" was a gay dance club anthem.  "The Pressure", "You Got The Love"....shit I played a bunch of his mixes.

RIP to an innovative original gangsta DJ, producer, artist.




gonna have to listen to the Whistle Song in tribute

heard about this last night. sad news indeed.

I'm listening to a bunch of his old sets while at work.

I remember listening to him on WBMX way.... back in the day. Phone Post 3.0

RIP good sir