Sad Day for Oz MMA

What a sad day it is for Australasian martial arts: For the first time UFC fight tournaments will not be televised in Australasia by Main Event. As a result, pay TV providers such as Austar, Foxtel and Optus will not be showing UFC to their subscribers. And what a time to pull the plug on martial arts fans Down Under! UFC 46 is shaping up to be one of the best MMA events yet. Below is the list of fights scheduled for Super Natural:

January 31, 2004.
Randy Couture v Vitor Belfort
Matt Hughes v BJ Penn
Frank Mir v Wes Sims
Lee Murray v Jorge Rivera
Carlos Newton v Renato Verissimo
Karo Parisyan v Georges St-Pierre
Hermes Franca v Josh Thomson
Matt Serra v Gerald Strebendt

Please visit Main Event at and let them know in their 'feedback' section that you want UFCs to continue being shown in Australia.
If you are an Austar viewer, please email them at Or if you are with another provider please contact them. As previously stated, the
televising of MMA events such as UFC encourages viewers to take up a martial art, and helps promote all martial arts styles in Australia. Let's make sure
we don't miss out on UFC 47.

Its on in NZ today, I'll tell you all about it.

It's all about consciousness.

Its on in NZ today, I'll tell you all about it."


Now im really pissed off.

I'm so upset i missed the fights, have every UFC taped since 40 and have 12 other UFC vids i have bought. Also just invested in a 50" plasma and a recordable DVD and was going to have a huge day with the boys over. $20 000 down the drain.

It is a dark dark day in my life. Something better be done soon.

same here. pay per view was fuckin mad during tito coture. and tito ken.

i was jumping around everywhere

50" Plasma???? FAAARK I want one

sell tv and go to states to watch the next 20 ufcs live?

I've managed to get hold of the UFC 46 off the net, so give the plasma screen and DVD recorder to me, and I'll give you a copy ??



Tank, thats not a bad idea.

Although Foxtel isn't digi yet so the plasma picure can be a little grainy. But the porn is fantastic!

1260mm x 860mm and about 2 inches thick. fantastic.

I hate it when people brag about size !!



"$20 000 down the drain"

Not so my friend. I think you should make friends with Cobras and set up some booty porn nights, entry by donation, you'll be back in the black in no time flat.....

$0.05 (no such thing as $0.02???)

I heard for the last UFC there were only about 200 subscribers in Oz.

That = crap to foxtel.

Maybe they should have tried some marketing of the event?? (just an idea)

Don't know about Foxtel, but Austar only had about 300 buys for the last UFC it showed (44 I think)

Poor numbers.

I think the best buys were when there was the free show on Fox 8 for while, to generate interest in it.

Of course, then the wrestling came back on Yay !!


It would make more sense if one of the cable providers bought the rites to the older UFC shows, had them on as usual programing, built up a strong fan base and then start selling the pay per view once this has been established. ...then again, what would I know :(

they use to play UFC on sundays. that was awsome. but they forked up.

Kerry, for that to work someone needs to "package" the show and sell it to Fox, or Fox Sports or whoever.

With current commentary, cutting to the old clips etc, which is what they were doing on Fox 8 for a while, when fox and WWE (or whoever) were having "contract negotiations"

You'd think a show like that would be cheap to make, and be the perfect vehicle for promoting the live shows.

With all the hours of TV that needs to be filled with all the new Foxtel/Austar digital channels, maybe someone will get onto it ??

Of course, we'll probably just see more American football, baseball and some snooker for good measure.


So you can get the UFC's off the net tank. Hmmm, sounds like something i'll have to explore further.

Google groups search is your friend.

Think words like "mma" and "hub" maybe.

The rest is left as an exercise for the reader...


You're the man tank, i'm on it.