Sad Details on Mike Awesome death

With all the attention being brought due to the Benoit tragedy, more details have been released about Mike Awesome's suicide earlier this year. Incredibly sad stuff...

"According to sources, Awesome was told by his wife that she was unhappy
and wanted a divorce. Upon hearing the news, Awesome physically confronted
his wife by grabbing her by the throat and throwing her against or into a

Awesome's wife called police and had Mike arrested for domestic abuse.
While in jail Awesome was told by his wife that she was leaving him,
taking his money, and, again according to sources, told the former ECW
Champion that she "hated" him. She then took what she could from their
home, threw out certain things that belonged to Awesome, and left.

Sources claim that Awesome was beyond distraught and very depressed about
the marriage, which he felt was stable and secure, all of a sudden being
stripped out from under him. All of this transpiring while Awesome was
still in jail, it should be noted.

Shortly after returning home from jail, with nothing left to come back to,
Awesome hanged himself. Friends discovered the body shortly afterwards."

I would've hired a P.I. to find her and killed that cunt.

This is why everyone is saying how sad it is BENOIT killed the kid & no-one seems to care about him killing the chick.


I think Lex Luger killed him after he killed Elizabeth.