Sad story about life destroyed by Jiu-Jitsu (vid)

Saddest thing I have ever seen. Phone Post 3.0

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i feel his pain , it's about time this underbelly is to be exposed


I wish I knew how to post for iPhone, going to go home for some red wine and a good cry

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Rich and compelling...

It's crazy how the lifestyle can get away from you.  One day you're a hobbyist, the next you have a truly destructive compulsion, and then you find yourself doing the unthinkable.

It's like a country song. Only Australian.

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Just when it looked like he was back on track, as a number in the system, his addiction pulled him right back into it's deadly art. Such a sad story. VTFU Jupes for breaking this.

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haha that was hilarious!

I'm truly hoping he can turn his life around and find himself behind a desk for the next 40 years. Phone Post 3.0

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