sad tale of "man with biggest arms in world"

pretty sad how things went and odd why he didnt compete much

here is the biggest arms in 90s
great strongman as well

also a bit sad

I thought chael  had the biggest arms.

Bettet be about Big Poppa Pump

chael is like a 14 year old girl arm wise compared to these dudes

Interesting vids

Aussie Shaun - 

nicks strength and power is a really good channel

fascinating delivery and content

yeah i recently found it. very good content and has some rare info as well

One of those links are bound to be Greg Valentino 

I haven't opened it but I am picking it is about Gregg Valentino

BringBackGoldy -

I thought chael  had the biggest arms.

Only in west Oregon

sorry he looks like he has breast implants. those don't look like peks. Looks like a bit of synthoil at times as well. Good for him tho...I certainly don't look like that, lol