Safest Region in USA From a Russian Nuclear Attack?

South Daktota and Wymoming looks mightly appealing.

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Might be puttin’ some shit in there soon

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If there is a Nuclear war you might want to be in a city that will be vaporized.


I’d be in the eastern Sierras.

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You better watch out Mr Kauai.

We have a big military base here that is vital for the whole state. I don’t think we are immune from attack

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LOL. I was getting ready to post West Texas.

You can be 3 hours west of Fort Worth and see a 750 miles to El Paso sign LOL. Nothing but rock and desert.


Hit Vegas, please

They enter orbit first and then the warheads detach when they are within range. I’m not so sure I trust the lowest bidder to effectively stop that kind of threat. If only Reagan’s Star Wars program was taken seriously…

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The UK’s Nuclear submarine base is 30 miles down the road. I’ll be toast if any nukes come

I’m guessing you are probably somewhere between Lihue and Kapaa? Lots of mountainous shielding between you and the pacific missile range. Still nasty radiation to deal with.

Cyber attacks are a more pressing issue. Nuclear = game over. You’re either at ground zero and your worries are over or you’re outside of the blast areas and now have to contend with radiation and basic survival.

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Your moms ass.

What sucks is I’m not even American but we’re fucked being an hour north of the Montana border. Lot of Silo’s along the US #2.

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Laurence Fishburne Sweet Jesus GIF by NETFLIX

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If a nuke hit DC etc my city is 4-5 on the list. If a nuke strikes offutt and another hit the rail yard areas and another hit in midtown I could make it out of town from where I am and go north to where there is nothing. Only a strong south wind would fuck me. If it’s a strong south wind I would go west. I have a Duramax with a diesel tank in the back. I have about a 800 mile range at hw speed. My bro has about 500 bottles of water. Hopefully my family out here could all make it out. My sister and inlaws wouldn’t.

If war breaks out we are pretty much on our own. I don’t think supply ships are going to be coming regularly.

I don’t want war and I wish people understood the horrors of war. I wish people would try and deescalate things defore shit spirals out of control


Central Kentucky isn’t as safe as I would have guessed lol

Just made some makeshift Faraday cages out of coffee cans & aluminum tape.
Not an emp, but tested a cellphone and it worked.
Idea being at least a ham radio & other emergency electronics might have a chance.


what’s the wire for?