Safest Region in USA From a Russian Nuclear Attack?

i’d like to think that the east and west coast are fucked and that anywhere else has a chance lol

It needs to be grounded.

So if it’s on a shelf or in your car, you can plug it into a good ground.
I was gonna put alligator clips on 2 of them.

No you can’t see that, TexSlice. Even if you went “3 hours west” on your 3mph Hoveround, El Paso isn’t that far from there. Unless of course you take the scenic route up into the panhandle and go down through New Mexico. You crack me up when you try to post facts about your home state.

Pretty close to the LLNL. I’m sure not a target.

One of the Dakotas. No one even remembers they’re part of the US

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Dude, if nukes are going off I don’t think there will be cell service, or medical, police or and service


Probably a ham radio would be the most useful thing



Russian oligarchs own half of Miami.

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I live in north ga mountains and am a touch of a prepper. I’m as good as I think anyone is.


That is correct nothing will be going anywhere, life will change forever.
However some apps on phones can still be used like calibration calculator and so on as well as all else battery packs and that’s what I put .'s along with the ham radio for communication, If only to get emergency alerts.

If nukes come into play, the vast, vast majority of people on the planet are completely fucked. As soon as the first nuclear attack is launched, it likely becomes a free for all with multiple counter launches and humanity is getting blasted back to the stone age. Whoever dies are likely the lucky ones rather than trying to survive in a post nuclear apocalypse hell.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. But I don’t have a great feeling about the current conflict.

I don’t think anyone except NK or a muzzy launches a nuke

Your mum’s just a theory

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Wichita has an airforce base, Boeing Defense, Spirit Aerosystems, Cessna, Learjet, hundreds of aircraft part manufacturing shops, and Kirstie Alley.

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The soy boys will inherit the earth

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Anywhere they are aiming. Those asshole will miss by a large margin