Safest takedowns

I will go to participate in a submision tournament in my Country my takedowns are so so.I come from a bjj background,with only a bit in wrestling, any adives for a takedown because it can be very dangerous if my opoennt counters with a traingle choke, or with a guillotine.
I like the double leg takedown but is it the safest?

Headsnaps are very low risk, also try snatch singles and depending on how afraid of being sprawled on you are, a very low single leg......


Head inside singles are safer to get than doubles, but harder for most people to finish, IMO. Ankle picks and snapdowns are low-risk, high-reward moves than can open up other things even if you don't get the guy down with it. Arm drags are great also, try to take his back right off the drag - if you don't get it, immediately shoot a double or single while he is trying to square up to you. Good luck!

depends if it is gi or nogi

snapdowns, duckunders and even the shoot can easily be negated by good working of the GI.

a1 thanks