Sagging... please explain it to me

Started out as a prison thing for gay guys. Then Tupac made it super popular to the masses. Funny thing is it turns out Tupac was gay all along.

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Is it? Phone Post 3.0

Spell "saggin" backwards Phone Post 3.0

Hate420 - Spell "saggin" backwards Phone Post 3.0

that was my biggest lol of the day


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I thought it started in prison because they can't have belts. Phone Post 3.0

opieandjimmy - I have no ass so I don't have a choice Phone Post 3.0

There are these things called belts. You always have a choice. Always, believe that. 

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98lbweakling - I don't understand sagging. Is it a fashion style? A statement? A protest of some sort? I'm not disparaging it, I'm just trying to understand it. Phone Post 3.0
I see what you did there. Stand behind your racism. Don't hide all like, "what me? No. I'm trying to understand." Phone Post 3.0

What does race have to do with this? I live in Los Angeles and all races sag their pants. Is that not true where you're from in the Appalachians?

shaqitup - What's the deal with frosted tips?

This is a thread where we ask stupid questions from 15 years ago right? Phone Post 3.0

If you'd open the basement blinds occasionally, you'll see that sagging is still prevalent today... unlike frosted tips.

I cannot believe the amount of dullards who buy into the "catchers in prison" narrative. Think critically for one fucking second of your life.

Explain any fashion trend. Good luck.

Poleeko - It was a prison thing that meant you were a catcher. Phone Post 3.0
Lol, always thought that was funny. Phone Post 3.0