Saint of Killers

He withstood a nuclear blast, and we all know what his guns can do.

So who could take him, and how the hell could they do it?

Jesse's power surprised him the first time they met and he had to obey. Jesse could have ordered him to blow his brains out. Jesse wisely never tried it again, and probably would have been shot dead as he tried to speak.

God on his throne probably could have defeated him as well.

That's about it. The Saint could trash most mainstream powerhouses. His power isn't just magical, it's cosmic.

Here we go again...

superman vs the saint of killers?

humongous Preacher spoiler

I'm not kidding, don't read this if you've never read Preacher and plan on doing so at some point

The Saint killed GOD - do you really think Superman would stand a chance? :-P

i'm not putting any bets against the saint

I would enjoy seeing jessy vs. superman it would be a very funny fight.

Well, how do you beat the guy who shot God in the face?

Superman is a God.

Nuff said.

To sum up:

  1. The Saint can take a nuke without a scratch.
  2. The Saint killed God. He is vengeance incarnate, like the Spectre, only worse.

Class dismissed.

His FIRST act was to kill Lucifer. Anyone who is that good at their job on the first day...

yawn is it over yet?