Saints Row-anyone play yet?

Thinking of picking it up but I want to know if anyone has played yet.

just the demo. it seemed ok. This type of game it's hard to get the feel for the game as a whole.

the swearing is pretty funny

Rightious K you are bored as fuck my friend.

87% average on gamerankings so far.

Lowest score is 7/10 from, and it seems like that is just because it's such a shameless GTA clone. They don't actually have anything negative to say about the game itself:

"Those are all kind of minor quibbles against the fact that the graphics, gameplay, and pretty much everything else that really matters is just what you'd expect from an early next-generation GTA title. If that's something you want, hell yes, jump all over the thing."

"The map system, for instance, is a whole lot more convenient than those in any GTA title. The character editor allows for aesthetic customization way beyond what was possible in GTA: San Andreas, and is perfect for your self-insertion thug life fantasies. At least it is if in those fantasies you're a mute. The glacial load times of the GTA series are gone. You can save anywhere. The targeting system has been ditched in favor of an over-the-shoulder, Resident Evil 4?style run-n-gun that actually fails to make us wish we were dead. Finally, the online multiplayer is great, though, while the versus modes are fun, we sincerely wish there were more than two co-op missions."

i pick it up today , I can't wait.

I'm liking it so far... much better aiming and car explosions than any gta.. music isn't great though

Having a great time so far... it doesn't have the same life to it as GTA, but it's still a really fun game. For me the ragdoll physics, awesome explosions and fire, and aiming system are enough to keep me happy untill the next gta.

Your weird Navin.

It's very average... But improves on GTA SA in every way...

so it's an amazing game then?!?!

I'm going to get it!!

We should form an online gang (remarks I didnt try the online yet).

I simply love the game right now!

awesome game. I actually traded in my PS2 with games and memory cards on tuesday for an Xbox 360 and Saints Row. It is very similar to GTA, but I find the missions are a bit more fair!

very detailed. Right down to the shape and size of your character's ear loebs!

From Adonis' praises it sounds like an utterly wretched game designed for teens and sexually frustrated beta-males.

Pretty solid game but it does play exactly like GTA. Quite surprised(I don't know why)!!

bought it today...looking forward to trying it tonight