Saints Row or The Godfather 360

which one of these games should I get? I am leaning towards The Godfather but cant decide

Saints GTA style game I have played.

i played Godfather on normal xbox when it first came out and it is very cool as well. But after playing Saints Row for a week the atmosphere and gameplay and overall "fun factor" is so much better in SR.

Have you played the Godfather? I am thinking I would prefer mobsters to gangsta's

i prefer mobsters too, but the gameplay of Saints Row is what makes it the better game.

Didn't Godfather get crappy reviews, whereas the only real complaint anyone's had about Saint's Row is that it is too blatant a ripoff of GTA?

yeah Godfather got OK reviews. It's fun but it gets bland. Only like 4 different automobiles and everything looks the same. Story is cool though.

Godfather is cool. SR looks real good though.

I just got godfather for 360 over Saints row for the reason you mention,, mobsters vs thugs.

I like godfather but the city isn't as alive as other GTA clones.... lots of the roads are blocked off, doesn't seem like as much exploring. The story is cool and I like the mobster vibe.

I might be selling godfather after I beat it and picking up saints row.

Godfather is fun though

My brother came to visit me this past weekend and wanted SR so I went with that. Not my typical game that I buy but it is pretty fun.

the godfather get's really lame really quickly....unless you like doing the EXACT SAME THING over and over again.