Sak/MInotoro description

This was mmaweeklys description of the fight. It was the most detailed pbp I seen.

Sak wearing a weird Native American headdress.
Rd 1
Nog w/ a flying knee to start. 2, 3 knees.
Sak gets his composure.
Nog doing well. pressing the action.
BIG overhand left from Nog connects. tie up. someone is bleeding. it's Nog. replay shows Sak got a good shot in.
doc looks at it. it's fine.

7:30 left.
fierce exchange! 2 south-paws going at it.
Nog tries a kick, gets tied up and dropped.
Stood up.
Nog nails him in thd eye!
Nog w/ a great kick to the stomach!
Sak gets the takedown. in Nog's guard. 4 min left.
Sak up. stalking. ref stands them up. (Nog still bleeding)

Nog nails Sak! Staggers him!
Nog is quick! probably better stand-up than his brother.
1:30 left.
Sak caught walking backwards and nailed!
Nog tries to close the sale w/ a flying knee. misses.
rd ends

swinging like toughman.
on the ground.
Sak up.
ref stands them up.
Nog tells Sak to "punch, not slap"
2 min left.
Sak gets a takedown but doesn't do anything.
up. Nog almost had a gilloutine. Nog almost had a front-locked arm-bar! Sak got out of both.

Nog gets a guillotine, Sak pops out, and Nog gets a 3-punch combo in.
up trading. Nog blocks a takedown.
3 min left.
everytime they get close, they trade!
oh!!! Sak got hit w/ 4 hard punches and didn't go down!
1:30 left!
Another hard overhand left from Nog.
2 more from Nog
fight ends with Sak getting kicked in the head on the ground!
Great fight!


Great discription Ninja.

Do you have one for Butterbean/Sudo?

And how did Big Daddy KO Fry w/ a kick?

Glen this came from mmaweekly forum, they might have a good one of the butterbean sudo fight.

Suddenly Yoshida's Bitch is here again to bash another one of his obsessions.

Do you actually like to talk about MMA or just need an internet forum to vent your frustrations of getting beat up all the time as a kid?

Keep it up, you might have to be called Yoshida's and Sak's Stalker/Bitch...

You are underestimating Lil Nogs takedowns. He took Guy Mezger down multiple times during their fight, and I do believe Guy has some form of wrestling background, and of course, years of experience in mma. Nogs takedowns arent the best, but they arent that bad either.

Honhestly vladdy has nothing on little nog now, little nog was just begining when he fought vladdy, all vladdy did was get a takedown get back up and repeat. Now little nog knows what hes doing standing.

"Get over your one dimensional wrestling obsession. "

Funny..."one dimensional obsessions," sounds awfully familiar...