Sak-Royce 2 = Highlander 2

Worst sequel ever. The storyline went from an epic to a travesty that you wish you could forget ever happened, much less associate with the original legend.

Both guys looked hapless, dull, and apathetic as if they had post-traumatic stress disorder. Not a hint to remind us that these are probably the two most important legends in MMA history.

Compared to their first epic war, that "skirmish" was like some cheap knock-off that insults the original template by having the same apparent materials, only put together into this new degraded distortion.

I would say it was as bad as Ken-Severn 2, only worse because it was a rematch of the single greatest fight in MMA history, making it all the more pathetic and shameful by the contrast.

Both guys lost. There were no winners here. It was equally a disservice to each of their legacies. I wish a collective amnesia could just wash over anyone who witnessed this debacle.

So please, instead of prolonging and permanently setting this stain upon our consciousness by continually revisiting this shitfest with all the "Sak really won" - "No, Royce did just enough" BS threads, can we all just let it die already and for the love of Sak-Royce I, just pretend that the sequel never happened.

Follow the Highlander 2 principle. Remember the greatness of the original, disregard the self-mockery that followed, and just move on, preserving the first epic's glory by having it monopolize our memory and happily blocking out any future reference to a 2. It began and ended at 1.

It must have been bad to compare it to that space remake bullshit.