Sakakibara responds to dana

Thankyou to gryphon, he did the best translation he can from gong magazine.

SAKAKIBARA describe PRIDE-UFC relation in interview.

Inteviewer asked

Q:What is tha relation between UFC and PRIDE? We hear Dana White get agry with PRIDE

"maybe He get angry with us because He can not control us,haha

i can send W.Silva to PRIDE,3 matchs contract is no problem Anytime OK.Liddel? Tito? Ken Shamlock?,All ok.

We can send Mirko Cro-cop to Nov UFC,It is my pleasure If Our opponent level are like this,no problem at all."

"mybe UFC,Thier popularity is growing up,but Silva come,Chuck is beated beated, KOed!! This is nothing but promotion for PRIDE event.So I hope this fight"

Q:you insisted UFC escape from PRIDE?

"Yes,They do not want to awknowledge They are underdog,I says Silva go to Octagon.

And tim Silvia,Andoei........Anyone Ok,If UFC has a opponent,Mirko Cro-cop come to Octagon too.

To say the truth,I hope UFC send PRIDE USA(10.21) Tim Silvia as opponent of E.Fedor.

but Tim run away,hahaha!!!

but it is reasonable,if These two men fight 100 times,Fedor get 100 win,haha"

Q;but some fan guess,like this.

UFC send Chuck Liddel to PRIDE 2003 GP,but PRIDE did not help UFC,nobody come to UFC.Toda's Silva trouble is same case too......

"No,no in 2003,UFC has no popularity,and no money,They ask us to give Chuck fighting field,So We allow it,that all,and We recommend many fighters,They reject them"

Q:It means UFC is afraid of PRIDE??

"yes,I can bet PRIDE brand and honor.

maybe UFC says "We are No.1 MMA promotion!"But it is only popularity,it is not Quality nor Fighter's skill.

In Octobor,USA fans watch PRIDE USA.And Fans notice that the money for UFC PPV is nothing but waste.Prodction,fighters........and Ring is better than Octagon for Audience.So they Feel UFC is low level Entertainment!! "

Interviewer: Did you cheat of the UFC?

Sakakibara: HAHA! Dana is ass of hole. We send the Fedor beat BigTim. Anyone, Ken Shamlock okay. Wanderlei against Danny Abidi. They run like Yankee pigdogs.


Im pretty sure unless your illiterate you can make out gryphons translation and get the jist of the interview.

Yes, and in all seriousness its greatly appreciated.


"yes,I can bet PRIDE brand and honor." - THats the best quote, sounds so Japanese. "HONOUR!!!!!"

good interview. It's obvious the UFC backpeddled

LMAO, "but Tim run away,hahaha!!!"


"Someday peeps you watch...PRIDE VS UFC tournament... 75 bucks PPV"

This is coming, and it will be the biggest MMA event ever, by far. It's gotta happen...

Nicknitro, this is why your an idiot, and a ufc troll, did you read the interview? That was actually the main point of the interview, pride trying to send someone over, he clearly said he would give silva to dana for 3 fights.

If dana accepts then its back on pride to hold up there word, silva and crocop could realistically be in ufc.

Dana just got ethered

Saki = Nas

Dana = Jay Z

Sakakibara is an extremely straight talking guy.

UFC has more to lose in the US market so it is understandable that they are backpeddling.

If the UFC has plans to go beyond an American Audience, then Pride will have more to lose, because internationally Pride kicks the shit out of the UFC.

I like this Sakakibara guy.

Dana's NEVER addressed the fact that Pride's offered Ninja, Crocop and Fujita over the years. Wonder why?

"Saki = Nas
Dana = Jay Z"

Pride is way more popular through out the world than the UFC is. It is also more international, sells out bigger stadiums, and has a higher level of production and fighter pay. I don't get that comparison.

Shinobu is correct.

UFC is nothing compared to Pride on the grand scheme.

But the problem here is that Pride wants what the UFC has, which is the US market. UFC has that on lock.

If I were Dana I would pull a fast dicktuck as well. Because once fans know about Pride, they will immediately prefer it over the UFC. It is human nature to like the bigger badder more well produced event.

"Dana is an ass of hole"


NickNitro... shouldn't you be hanging out on the Fedor vs. Hughes thread.... LMAO!!!!

what a genius. by this logic UFC is scared of KOTC lol

"Sakikabara knows the only fight he can win is a HW vs a HW. He would get steamrolled in every other weight division..including a catch weight of a UFC WW and a Pride LW..shit just send Penn down to smoke gomi again."

Nicknitro- please, it's getting embarrassing.