Sakasem seminar in Florida this wk

Dear Muay Thai Practitioners and Fans:

American Top Team is pleased to announce their first annual Professional Muay-Thai Training Camp, to be held January 14th thru 16th at American Top Team headquarters in Coconut Creek, Florida.

Whether you are a getting ready for a fight, would like to improve your skills, or simply get in shape, this camp is perfect for you. You will learn the most devastating combat sport in the world in an intensely fun and dynamic atmosphere.Their program is one of the most competitive in the country and was designed to replicate a traditional Thai training environment.

This program will include, but is not limited to:

· Stretching
· Warm-up
· Techniques
· Footwork
· Combinations
· Pad Work
· Sparring Techniques
· Ring Strategy
· Diet
· Culture and much more…

The highlight of this event will be “Strike I”, an intra-mural Muay-Thai tournament where amateur participants will showcase their skills. At this show, new talents will be discovered and the stars of tomorrow will be celebrated. Participation to the intra-mural is voluntary so sign up as early as possible.

Space is limited. So make your reservation today and take advantage of this unique opportunity to train like a Thai. ATT is looking forward to meeting you at this extraordinary “Warrior’s Gathering”.

The camp will be lead by Chrisian "King Cobra" Toluque and Kru "The Punisher" Sakasem Fairtex.

For Reservations please call:

(954) 425-0705 or email

WISH I was ttthere!


WOW!....Just came from the first glimpse at the seminar....looks pretty intense with incredible sequences....lots of technique!....He's an amazing guy...


I have not heard specifics on the seminar yet from a Pennsylvania based Muay Thai fighter in attendance, but staying up all night watching Sakesam fight videos with King Cobra is cool.

UPDATE: I rec'd a voicemail message from Eric at 10:45 PM tonight. He said -- "The seminar is excellent. Everyone is friendly. The ATT guys are tough. I'm having a great time." It sounds like he is not being worked hard enough. I think he should have to run 5 miles before each seminar segment. Suggest it Carlao.