Sakasem "The Punisher" Seminar

Hello everyone,

We have posted this already but just wanted to send it out one more time since the Seminar is only 2 weeks away.

We will be hosting a 3 Day Seminar Starting on Friday October 22nd to the 24th. You do not have to come to all 3 days but each of those will be filled with something different. Saterday and Sunday will be split into various different training times. There will be bag training, Thai pad training, Clinch techniques as well as the regular Sakasem "Torture" of hours of skip knees, drills, and conditioning.

I employ all instructors and gym owners and students. If you love the sport of Muay Thai, and have never met with Sem or never trained with a Thai....this is a great oppertunity to learn. You will learn more in 3 days with Sakasem then weeks and months of training.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

David Bokman
BAG- Body Arts Gym Muay Thai.

where is this takin place?


Almost forgot we are in Philadelphia.


this was incredible training!