Saku/Noguiera ---12/31/03

Considering that he was dwarfed in size as usual, Sakuraba did not do that bad against Lil Nog. Yes, he did lose the decision, but a lot of people talk about the match as if Saku got killed.

He lasted and did present some problems for Lil' Nog.

He's not the Saku of 2000, that's for sure, but he's still got fight left in him.

Giving up that much size, fighting a guy that can knock a lot of people in his weight class out AND submit them, that was impressive. A nailbiter til the end if I remember it right. It was neck and neck with both guys having their moments. Lil Nog was coming close to a KO towards the end though.

Really, if Bustamante and Sak stuck to 185 lb. guys, they'd be unbeatable.

It was a very good fight. I have no idea how Sak pulled out of that triangle.

That was a good fight. It was pretty much even going into the last round, but Little Nog stepped it up and took the decision. Sak, as usual, ahowed alot of heart.

Gonna put my Saku39 shirt on when I go out tonight.