Saku vs. Akiyama - Picks ?

I have not seen too many threads concerning this K-1 Hero's main event of just a few days away.

Akiyama is the favorite no doubt, but can Saku pull off the upset.

Yes he can, and he will.

Saku by resurgent submission on 12/31/06 over Akiyama.

u r correct.,

if Akiyama wears the Gi then i think he will get beat on like Royce.

I'd love to see a submission match with Saku coming out on top

but I feel Akiyama is going to win

I like sak but i don't see him beating akiyama due to the fact that he has sustain too many injuries in the sport and akiyama has looked pretty solid as of late.

tough call. maybe sak will pull out a rnc... sometimes judo guys give back too much

Akiyama will win :(

Akiyama is just too stong and too skilled for Saku at this point.

doubters. saku will get the sub

The more I watch of Akiyama the more I like him and his style. He's like
Yoshida with standup like good standup for a judo guy. I think it'll go to
split dec. with whomever is able to get the takedown will get the nod by

Saku does not lose grappling matches vs men of similar size

sakuraba is my favorite. but i was thinking recently, would sakuraba be too proud to just go out and put on the show to make akiyama look good? sakuraba must know that the fighting career is nearly end. also, tanigawa must know that he is not making the money off of sakuraba that he expected (sakuraba only fought once this year) - maybe there is pressure from management. also, sakuraba was pro wrestler, after all.

of course, i hope this is not the case. but it is k-1 booking. anything can happen.

Saku has better subs, hopefully he can pull one off. I'm picking Akiyama tho.

Doesn't Saku have about 15 lbs on Akiyama? That guy is extremely impressive and explosive, but Sak always has a chance. He can pull off just about anything if given half an opening.

its like real life Rocky.

As much as I love Sakuraba, I think he is in for a beating.

saku by armbar

I wish it was on same day delay PPV. I want to see this fight so bad.
Downloading it and watching in my room just isnt the same.

Akiyama by KO or ref stoppage I cant believe the people still thinking sak has something left in him, im sadly saying he desperately needs to retire.

Sak by armbar 0:39 rd1.