Saku vs Nino 2?

How do you guys feel about that rematch?? I think Sakuraba looked really good and was DOMINATING that fight, he was very much his old self.

I don't completely agree with the end being a "fluke", as Nino was aiming at his chin and hit it; fair and square. However I can't help but wonder how much of an effect the (unintentional) headbutt had on the outcome, because it really looked like it had some force and hit Saku SQUARE on the chin. IMO It weakened Sakurabas defence enough to allow Nino to land that knee.

I think Saku basically lost the fight rather than Nino won it. It is also Sakurabas ONLY loss against a non LHW/HW fighter.

I would really like a rested, injury-free and most of all MOTIVATED Sakuraba to fight Nino again. Because lets face it, Sakuraba is a terrible match up for Nino style-wise. I think a rematch would set things straight.

Any opinions?

I am loving it already


He lost because he started getting cocky and showing no respect for Schembri. I was glad Elvis landed the knee and put him out because of the way he acting right before he ate it.

It is obvious Sak`s weak spot is his chin.

I agree with the getting cocky part, But I don't agree about Sakuraba having a bad chin, just watch his match against Rogerio or his first match against Silva.... And the punch that knocked him out in Saku/Silva 3 IMO would have put ANYONE out.

I don't care but tell me this isn't happening. Why is it that when Sak wins there are no rematches but if he loses he gets a rematch.

I wanted to see them grapple but from my memory Sak wanted to keep it standing. Understandable because he was lighting up Nino before it ended. Shit happens in a fight and you can't take away from Nino's victory. He lasted long enough got an opening and exploited it. I agree w/ Yelm-Sak never wants to give rematches but he got Vandy 3 times already.

Sorry guys, but, strait up, Nino (unintentionally im sure) headbutted Sak before he kneed him.

That turned the fight around, not Sak's clowning.

Watch the replay: Nino is bent down and as he comes up, his head uppercuts Sak's chin and stuns Sak, Nino knees him, fights over.

Isnt it so very easy to miss or overlook things when things went the way you wanted it to?

The fight is NOT signed, this is a hypothetical thread...

I agree with you 100% Wasa-B!!